Local Anesthesia

local anesthesia by OMSH in Houston TXLocal anesthesia is used to suppress pain in conscious patients. It is administered by your dental professional at the dental office. This numbing agent is administered via injection near or in the problem area of your mouth.

The most commonly used local anesthetic used in dental work today is Lidocaine (also known as Xylocaine or Lignocaine). Lidocaine has all but completely replaced Novocaine (also known as procaine), though this local anesthesia is still occasionally used. Lidocaine is generally preferred because it is faster-acting and longer-lasting than Novocaine.

Other local anesthetics that are currently used in dentistry include Articaine, Seprocane, Marcaine (which is very long-lasting), and Mepivacaine. Combinations of these medications are sometimes used depending on the situation. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Houston are highly skilled and experienced in making determinations regarding all kinds of anesthesia; and, they make determinations based on an individual basis.

Your dental professional will determine the dosage amount that’s correct for you as well as if more than one injection is warranted.