Jaw Bone GraftingBone Grafts in Houston, TX

Bone Grafts For Dental Implants
Restore Lost Bone Structure

Bone Grafts are surgical procedures that replace missing bone. Bone can be missing as a result of infection, trauma, disease, or simply the loss of a tooth. When teeth are lost the surrounding bone begins to resorb (melt away).Bone Grafts are an ideal way to solve this problem and avoid the side effects of bone loss. Some of the side effects of bone loss from the facial bones include an increase in facial wrinkling and a change in your appearance, difficulty eating the foods you love, problems with your speech, and pain when wearing your conventional complete or partial denture.

Bone Loss and Implants

In order to successfully place a dental implant, you must have adequate bone in both quantity and shape. In many cases, bone grafting is needed to ensure a successful implant. This is not a problem for the surgeons at OMSH. We have vast experience and success with bone grafting. Do not let anyone tell you that you do not have enough bone for an implant.

How Can Bone Grafts Help?

As Oral Surgery Specialists our doctors are trained to replace lost bone through a variety of bone graft techniques. Every case deserves and demands a unique approach to help you achieve your needs and desires, therefore after consultation and examination our surgeons will recommend the best treatment for your specific case.

A few of the bone grafting options to help create a solid foundation for an implant include the following:

  • Ridge preservation grafts – to replace bone immediately at the time of tooth extraction
  • Maxillary Sinus Lifts – to replace bone lost in the upper jaw (maxilla) when the sinus has drifted down in area of missing teeth
  • Autogenous bone grafts – to build up your own bone in areas where it is deficient by taking bone from one area and replacing it in another. For example some bone from back of the lower jaw may be used to make the bone in the front of the mouth thicker and healthier for a dental implant
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) technique – a technology that uses your own platelets to promote faster and more efficient healing of a bone graft

We are always happy to answer your questions about bone grafting. Simply call our Houston oral surgery office for assistance. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Houston is easily accessible to patients from the greater Houston Metro area.