Dental Implant Success Stories | OMSH Houston TX

Dental Implant Success Stories: Patient Experiences

The following communications are from actual OMSH dental implant patients:

“When I lost a front tooth in an accident, I was so afraid that the replacement tooth would never look natural and I knew I didn’t want to grind my other teeth down. I dreaded the idea of a bridge, especially since I had never seen one in the front of the mouth that looked good after several years. You can’t imagine my relief when my dentist told me about dental implants. My new tooth looks so natural, you would never know it’s not the original.”

Teresa Woods

“I had dentures for over 30 years before I learned about dental implants and decided to replace my dentures with something more stable and comfortable. Looking back, I realize how truly miserable I was as a result of wearing dentures. I avoided many social situations. I rarely enjoyed meals, especially during the holidays, where I had to eat soft, mushy food instead of the normal foods that everyone else was able to eat. The difference is amazing. I enjoy life so much more now. I would recommend implants to anyone who is wearing dentures.”

Richard Benson

“My visit was wonderful!  All of my nerves were put to ease prior to my surgery and I felt very calm.”

C. Fillsome

“Very friendly and helpful staff, ya’ll were fantastic!”

B. Martinez

“This office was recommended to me by two different people, my dentist and the Hygienist at my children’s office.  I would have to agree that they made good recommendations and I would also feel good recommending this office to anyone I know.  Friendly staff and the doctor took time to explain every step in the procedure which made me feel comfortable about my implant surgery.”

“I was unable to eat what I wanted and I didn’t like the way my dentures moved around in my mouth when I ate. My dentures also changed the appearance of my face. Now with the implants I feel wonderful. I can eat whatever I want. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

Pat Sullivan

“I wore a retainer with a fake tooth. It was difficult to eat food at school because I had to take the retainer out to wash it and everyone could see that I was missing a tooth. That’s when I really wanted something permanent. I am so happy with the result. It wasn’t even painful and I think the result came out perfectly. Nobody would ever know; it looks and feels so natural.”

Carly Fisher