Side view of female patient consulting doctor in clinic

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for a Dental Implant?

There are 3 main qualifications that help Houston’s oral maxillofacial surgeons determine dental implant candidacy. Learn more or call OMSH at 832-509-4505.

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Effects of Smoking on Dental Implants

For some people who smoke, getting dental implants may provide a source of motivation to help them kick the habit. Read more and call OMSH at 832-509-4505.

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Male dentist showing his female patient a dental implant in clinic

What’s So Unique About an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon?

The oral maxillofacial surgeons of OMSH have always had a unique niche in the dental health industry. Learn more now, then call 832-509-4505 for a consult.

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Man with a sick tooth keeps cheek hand. On a black background

What Can I Do About Dental Implant Failure?

If you have missing or failing teeth, or if you suspect dental implant failure, it's important to contact the experts of OMSH at 832-532-4537.

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Recovering from Implant & Oral Surgery

Recovery from oral surgery is a process that takes time and certain precautions. Learn more, and call the dental practitioners of OMSH at 832-532-4537.

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Cost of dental concept. Tooth Implant With Money on a white background

Understanding Dental Implant Costs & Options

The experienced oral surgeons of OMSH consult with patients about dental care needs, as well as options for financing dental implants. Call 832-509-4505

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Dental Implant Insights for Student Athletes and Parents

Dental implants can be a viable solution for many student athletes who end up losing teeth due to sport-related injuries. Call OMSH at 832-509-4505.

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Keeping the Tooth Extraction Procedure Safe

OMSH oral surgeons are trained to be proactive when handling tooth extraction issues as to reduce any risk to patients. To learn more, call 832-509-4505.

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Modern Dental Implant Surgery & Technology

Today’s dental implant advancements allow you to obtain replacement teeth faster, more affordably, and with less downtime. Call OMSH for more at 832-509-4505.

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Different Types of Dental & Oral Surgeons

The oral surgeons of OMSH are highly trained and specialized in surgical dentistry. Connect with our office today at 832.509.4505 for an appointment.

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